• Our office hours are May – August 8 am – 8 pm September – October 8 am – 7pm. For emergency assistance after hours, please call 218-374-3161 or 800-232-3161.
• Cabin Check-In is 4pm / Check-Out is 9am.  Campsite Check-In is 11am / Check-Out is 10am
• Our General Store is located in the Lodge. We offer Ice, Select Groceries, Some Clothing, Fishing Tackle and Lake Maps. 
We have free WI-FI around the Lodge.
Please be mindful that we live here year-round, this is our home.

Please Respect it with the same care and reverence that you would expect from guests in your own home.

We DO NOT allow pets in our cabins. Most of our guests have pet allergies and appreciate the fact that we are a pet free resort.

If you would prefer a Lakeside Resort that is Pet Friendly, please contact our other Resort! Their contact information is Voyageurs Sunrise Resort/ http://www.voyageurssunriseresort.com/ 218-875-2471

At Sunset Resort, we allow ONLY ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Licensed Service Dogs. A dog whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support does not qualify as a service animal. They must wear a Service Vest and Leash at ALL times. They are not to be left unattended at any time. You must pick up after them PROMPTLY. Please keep them off of the furniture and pick up the vacuum cleaner from the Lodge DAILY to control fur build up.

You will be charged a $200 NON-REFUNDABLE Pet Fee and will be raised to $300 for the 2019 Season.  

The pet fee covers the cost of the extensive cleaning that must be done after the departure of the Service Dog. All curtains and bedding must be laundered, everything (including the walls) must be cleaned and all the furniture/carpets must be vacuumed several times to insure that all pet hair/dander is removed.

Please DO NOT use the kitchen dishes for their food and water. If you forgot to bring their own, you may purchase disposable dishes from our General Store.


Dogs are allowed in the Campgrounds but must be on a leash at all times. You must pick up after them PROMPTLY. Please do not allow them in the other Campsites on the property.

Smoking is NOT allowed in any of our cabins. Please enjoy your tobacco products outside and discard your “butts” properly. Please DO NOT throw them on the ground and refrain from smoking in front of the lodge.
• We make every bed with Professionally Laundered Linens for EVERY guest. Please DO NOT sleep on top of our quilts and comforters. This causes premature wear and tear. Some of them are handmade, and sleeping on top them causes irreparable damage.
• We supply each cabin with dish towels, a dish cloth and green scrubby, dish soap, trash bags, coffee filters, toilet paper and paper towels. Please remember to bring your personal bath towels.
We sell firewood! We DO NOT allow unlicensed firewood at the resort. We apologize for any inconvenience, but any unlicensed firewood from outside of this area could contain unwanted pests and we do not want them to spread to our surrounding woods.

Please burn firewood in the fire ring provided, not in our charcoal grills. Please DO NOT move our fire rings onto the grass.

• We sell Premium, Ethanol free gasoline! Due to insurance regulations, we must now ask that you keep any gasoline containers in your vehicles and NOT outside of our cabins or on the campsites.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

We have supplied you with new picnic tables. Please use a cutting board and DO NOT cut ANYTHING directly on the picnic tables. Please use hot pads and DO NOT place any hot pans/pots or fryers on the picnic tables. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR DAMAGES!
We offer fish cleaning! Please notify the office if you’d like us to clean your fish. Fish cleaning is done at the end of the day so please keep your fish in your live wells or on a stringer until we can process them for you. Please tip your fish cleaner. If you’d prefer to clean and prepare your own fish, please feel free to use our fish cleaning house next to the bait house. Please clean up your mess.
There is a small sand beach next to the boat ramp. The hours of use are from Sunup to Sundown. The use of the canoes, kayaks and the paddle boat are free to our guests. Please check with our Office Staff for availability. Please pull them up high on the beach when not in use so they don’t float downstream. Please ask our staff to get life jackets for you. Loss of our life jackets cost $20.
• Underwater portions of our boat ramp are very slippery. Please use EXTREME CAUTION when walking on the ramp.
Quiet time is 10pm. Please keep noise down around the campfires after that so other guests can get a good night’s sleep.
• Some of our neighboring resorts have restaurants and bars. If you need directions, our office staff would gladly help you.
Thank you for taking the time to read over our policies and we hope that you will enjoy your stay with us.